Sunday, February 6, 2011

Intro and a Rant

I like the idea of being the “other woman”. Not in a sexually explicit affair kind of way but in the sense that I don’t think I fit any of the stereotypes put on my gender. Being “the other one” isn’t a bad thing and not something to be ashamed of. I have a feeling that most people feel like they don’t really fit in with any crowd and that we sometimes feel like a bit of an outcast.

I wanted to start a blog not because I think what I have to say is ground breaking or, to be honest, all that interesting.  I think the majority of things I’m going to blog about are what I think the issue with the “do it all” mentality that is what I see to be the driving force behind why so many people these days are so unhealthy, stressed and not just obese but morbidly obese.  There is probably going to be some other bits a pieces in here too, I’m not really sure.

Back on topic, I can’t forget the day my ex’s autistic nephew, at only 18 months old, could not only identify a Hungry Jacks outlet (Burger King for those outside of Melbourne) but made “ommmmyummmm yummm” noises at it.  I don’t blame the fast food outlet and I understand his parents had one hell of a challenge raising him and put a lot of effort in developing his abilities and loved him unconditionally. I was however gobsmacked, a child with all of his challenges could do this at 18 months old. What the hell is happening to the world?
Not long ago a work mate of mine thought she was being healthy by drinking a juice box, once the sugar content was pointed out to her she was amazed. She thought she was being so healthy and doing a good thing for her body, she has since decided to stick to water.

I can’t help but think that maybe this is all a side effect of having not been properly educated by our parents on what is “good food” and “bad food”. Most people have working parents and some people aren’t even fed decent meals these days. If you don’t have the drive to actually pay attention to what we are eating then it is so easy to fill our body’s full of preservatives, colours, favours, sugars and salts. Not to mention “cooking” these days mainly consists with reheating pre-packaged food off the shelf. Have these people really not clicked that a cream based sauce off the shelf that can keep for 3 months is just not right, not to mention it tastes awful.  I still have “bad food” (seriously onion rings at 4 am are fantastic) I Just know it’s not something I should eat every day, which is something it seems a lot of people have forgotten. And let’s face it, cookies are a sometimes food and we shouldn’t need the cookie monster to tell us that.

Sometimes things in life throw a spanner in the works and so we don’t look after ourselves properly but I don’t see that as an excuse to give up and eat frozen pizza four nights a week.
I’m not a “health freak” or a “gym junkie” and I’m defiantly not wonder woman. It doesn’t need to be amazing food it doesn’t need to wow all your friends but who said the putting half decent food in your mouth was in the too hard pile.